Property Guide

What does a film production need?

Even the most straightforward site requirement in theory can prove far from easy in practice. The compromise between a real-life location and a set will be dictated by the budget, time constraints and the ability to recreate a scene artificially. With film production comes a lot of people and equipment. The cast and crew can number in the hundreds. They could require:

  • Good road access
  • Running water
  • Electricty
  • Parking
  • Space for Dressing Rooms
  • Place for Dining for the crew
  • Space for filming equipment much of which arrives in large lorries which need to be situated close to the set. So although the set can be quite small, the ‘base’ location can be vast and can cause widespread disturbance
  • The ability to film without aeroplanes flying overhead or members of the public walking across a scene on a right of way is vital. A secluded location can be attractive as secrecy is often a requirement on set.
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